Hands on Beekeeping



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What not to expect

to expect

Wine reception on first day

Guided tour around manicured gardens

Perfectly prepared lecture in semi-darkened room

Refreshing nap during lecture in aforementioned semi-darkened room

Tea breaks with designer cakes and Belgian chocolates

Opportunitiy to wear your own designer clothes to impress other participants

Hands-on experience from day one

At least one meeting per month through the beekeeping season (April to October

Your own small colony of bees to take home during or after the course if you would like to start beekeeping right now

Expert tuition by commercial beekeepers with degrees and experience in adult education

To buy your own basic set of tools and protection clothes (improvisations do not work)


There is no need for cancelling an outdoor lesson on a rainy day. A colony of Buckfast bees can be checked in almost any weather.


Each season is different. In 2008 the mating results for the queens - here to be introduced into their mating boxes - were not as good as normal, so some drone layers had to be replaced by new queens from our queen banks. Nevertheless all of the participants had seen what a comb used by a drone laying queen looks like and know how to react when working on their own.

Reiner and Monika demonstrating the use of a simple, but efficient traditional wax melter, the MG.




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