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Beehives Special

When we started our beekeeping adventure in 1990 we used beautifully designed dovetailed wooden boxes made from our own cedar trees The boards were cut with a Swedish portable chain saw operated Logosol* sawmill specifically acquired for this purpose.
After the first series of very wet winters (and some not too dry summers) we noticed gaps created by warping wood and rotting areas where the material was in direct contact with water or other damp items.
Frustrated we bought a few polystyrene units, which are very popular on the continent and tried them out for a few years. We are now convinced they are the solution for our damp climate apart from the additional advantage of being extremely lightweight but stable.
Our manufacturer offers a complete system of hives. It starts with a mating box converting
into a mini-nuc by adding a second storey, continues with a five frame nucbox, to be used as an overwintering unit with a top box, and finishes with the combi-system comprising of broodboxes and supers of various types, all fitting on top of each other. Matching varroa floors, feeders, and roofs are also part of the range.
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